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Related post: Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 18:58:56 EDT From: INSILVA92aol.com Subject: top list pedo nymphets The real garage mechanic, part 1THE REAL GARAGE dark lollita nymphet MECHANIC. Part One.THIS IS A GAY FANTASY. IF IT IS ILLEGAL FOR YOU TO READ IT FOR ANY REASON PLEASE LEAVE NOW. THE CHARACTERS AND EVENTS ARE FICTICIOUS. THE SEX WILL BE UNPROTECTED. PLEASE PRACTISE SAFE SEX. It was the summer of 69, I teen nymphet angel was 14 and a half. It was the school holidays and I was bbs forum nymphets depressed. Tony my best friend had gone on holiday with his parents to his Aunt and Uncle's cottage in Wales. art nymphet nude I couldn't go with them like I had for the last 3 years, to a Guest House in Scotland, because there was no room for me to sleep at the cottage. Tony was going to have to share a bedroom with his twin cousins, Peter and David. They were 18, and almost grown up. They were nearly 6ft. tall, with well-developed bodies from working on a nymphets delicious girls farm. 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I' d stopped tossing as I watched him continue to play with his sticky cock so that it stayed hard. He asked me if I wanted to wank him off, we could always dry orgasm/cum again if we kept wanking. It was the first time either of us had touched each other, but I'd wanted to hold his cock for ages, so I wordlessly reached crazy little nymphets over and began to stroke his sticky cock, it felt ukrainian nymphets girls great in my hand. I gasped when he licked his hand clean and reached for my rigid cock, he winked and told me he'd tasted last night's first cum and it tasted salty sweet but nice. As we wanked each other Tony began nymphet model pictures to scoop his spunk nymphet land pedo up with his free hand and lick it of his fingers. cum nymphet The last bit he offered me saying he'd eat mine when I finally made cum, so I tentatively opened my mouth. He put two fingers in my mouth and I licked them and swallowed. I loved littke nymphet pic the taste immediately, salty, honey-sweet, fishy even. Tony continued to wank me, kiddy nude nymphets it felt really good, my best friend was underage nymphet pics bbs tossing me off and I was doing it for him. We speeded up our wanking and my hips were soon bucking off the bed as I dry orgasmed. I wanked Tony faster, gripping his cock tightly, he groaned, closed his eyes again, and I felt his spunk pulse up his cock shaft and saw it shoot from his cock slit. He came as much if not more than the first time and, as before, his last shot bubbled out, covering my hand this time. I didn't hesitate, I licked my fingers clean while Tony cleaned his body off. The next day we were a bit ashamed of nymphets models tpg what we'd done, Tony thought my eating his cum might mean we were queer, so we agreed I love nymphet models wasn't to do it again. I was really disappointed, but, like I said, Tony led, I followed. He said we could keep wanking each other off though, as that was only virgins nymphets like wanking yourself when we did it together. That pleased me, and I thought I might be able to secretly get some of his boycum into my mouth when he had his eyes shut. We decided we had to find somewhere private to mature mom nymphets play our sex games nymphets galery and Tony suggested the junkyard, so one afternoon after school we went little nymphet clips to elweb nymphets the bottom of my garden, which was shielded from my house by some raspberry bushes, and crept into the yard through a gap in the high wooden fence that surrounded it. The yard was full of abandoned old wrecks, some piled three high. We sneaked around and found an old Rover stood on its own, it was quite young nymphet cp close to the last garage workshop, but there was a line of other cars piled two high between it and the workshop. We climbed in, it was quite clean, and we could see the last workshop clearly through a gap in the cars in front, so we'd be able to keep a look-out for Frank or Steve. It had a comfortable back seat and that became our sex hide-out. One afternoon after school, about 3 months after Tony started spunking, we were in the Rover our shorts and white Jockeys round our ankles, our school shirts rolled up and tucked under our chins. We'd been wanking each others' stiff little cocks for about 5 minutes when I felt the most intense sensation building in my balls and I stiffened, arching my back. Tony preenteen nymphets guessed what was about to happen and to my astonishment he stopped tossing himself and dropped his head into my wild art nymphets lap and took my rigid 4 inches into his mouth. He only sucked once porno free nymphets when I almost screamed as my first boycum erupted from my cock into his mouth. I could hear him noisily swallowing as my body was wracked with pleasure every time I came. Tony kept sucking even when my cum finished until I had to beg him to stop, my knob was so tender. He raised his youngest nymphets girls head and smiled shyly, I grinned back, and, taking the initiative for once, I pulled his tinynymphets face to mine and kissed him. He responded immediately, opening his mouth worldwide nymphets and sucking in my tongue. I did the same and our tongues were soon duelling. I could taste my cum in his mouth, I couldn't tell the difference from his, it was just lovely. When we finally broke apart top nymphet sites I told him I didn't care if it made me a queer, I loved him and loved having sex with him. He actually blushed as nubiles nymphets porn he agreed with me, saying how he regretted what he'd said 3 months ago. Then he admitted he'd kept on eating his own russian mafia nymphets cum when he tossed off at night. So, grinning broadly, I told him I'd nude korean nymphet been doing the same, and I'd even managed to sneak dollops of his boycum to eat every time we jacked each other off. After that we were even closer, if that was possible. Two Sundays ago his cousins, Peter and David, had dropped by on their way back from a concert sex nymphet pic in Amsterdam. They only stopped for half an hour for some tea and to remind Tony's Dad of the route to their cottage, he was very forgetful. Peter called Tony outside to look at something in the car, he gave him a magazine, telling him to hide it from his parents, so Tony stuffed it down his trousers. As soon nymphets castle as they'd gone Tony called for me and we made our way to the Rover. It was a sex magazine, but it was full of men and boys. It turned us both on as we slowly went through the pages. There were photos of men and boys sucking each other off, and even more amazing photos of men putting their big, veiny cocks up the boys' bottoms! We looked at each other in amazement, we were speechless. I said that it must really hurt, but Tony told me he thought you' d get used to it, and that, at night, when he was tossing himself off, he'd started to poke a finger up his bumhole and that it made his orgasm more intense. I was intrigued, and just before we 69'd I asked if he'd like to finger my bumhole while we sucked. He said he would if I'd do it to him, so, after wetting our nymphets russian teens fingers teen nymphet russian topsite in each others mouths, we did. It hurt me a bit nymphets kids photos at first, but I quickly got used to it, and when I came it did make it feel even better, and we both produced the most cum yet, which we greedily ate. We decided the safest place to hide the magazine was in the glove compartment of the Rover. So from then on finger fucking became part of our repertoire, within days we were both taking three fingers, it made cumming incredible, Tony nymphets yo said it was something to do with an ls naked nymphets organ inside our bumholes. I only had one worry, pics petite nymphets he'd be sleeping in his cousins' bedroom, I hoped nothing would go on, but I didn't know how to tell him that. And now I was losing him for nearly three whole weeks, and to crown it all, his Mother littles nymphet nude had kept him so busy yesterday afternoon, nymphet cgi Sunday, we hadn't been able to bunk off together for sex. All we'd been able to do was have a quick snog and a grope in his bedroom. As they were leaving at 4 in the morning his parents had made him go to bed at 6p.m.! I was devastated, I actually cried myself to sleep last night, and 9yo nymphet couldn't even muster up any enthusiasm for a wank. The same this morning, I never even woke up with a woody, which I've done for ages, and I'd overslept and missed Dad going to work. It was a nymphets virgins girls beautiful day, so after I'd done my chores I put on a pair of baggy shorts, a T-shirt and a pair of pumps (they're trainers now). I decided it was no good moping about, so nymphets pics only I got my bike out and went for a ride. I got back home, had some lunch and decided I was feeling a bit horny, the resilience of youth! I went up to my bedroom and got a stool which I took into the bathroom, this had little nymphets child underage become a ritual once wil nymphet we'd started finger fucking. I filled the sink and stood on the stool so my erotic nymphet stories arse hung over it and I washed my bum hole out, giving myself half a hard-on in the process. Although it was only coming up to 1:00 p.m. I headed off to the junkyard. We normally never went until later in the day, but I knew that Frank closed the garage about now and re-opened about 2:30, so I guessed he and Steve went and had lunch, no need for a look-out. The junkyard seemed deserted, so I went to the Rover and land nymphets underage climbed onto the back seat, little hot girls nymphets shutting the door gently behind me. I breathed in deeply, savouring the smell of boy sex that permeated the air. It was warm in the Rover, we kept the windows shut, which heightened the funky smell. I reached over the front seat and took the porno mag from the glove compartment. Then I took my T-shirt and shorts off, leaving me in just my pumps. My cock had started to stiffen in anticipation, so nymphets japanese I flipped to my favourite photo, one of two older guys with a well endowed lad about18 years old. little nymphet board He was on his back 69'ing with one of the guys while the other guy held the teenagers nymphets online legs wide apart with his nymphet stars magazine gallery big veiny cock just about to enter his bumhole. It really turned me on. Something I'd noticed was most of the men seemed to have really big, thick cocks. A lot of the 18 year olds did too, but none of them were as small as mine, and only a couple were the same size as Tony's. Tony'd told me not to worry, with the workouts our cocks were now getting on a regular basis they'd soon start to grow. I had to admit that they were slightly bigger than when we first started playing with ourselves. I spat into my hand, took hold of my cock, and tossed it to its full 4 and a bit inches. I nymphets bbs guestbook spat again and began to wank in earnest, while looking at the photo and imagining I was the 18 year old. To complete the effect I sucked my middle finger and eased it into my boy-hole as far as it would go and started to wiggle it about. Suddenly I heard voices and I stopped wanking, but I still held onto my stiff boycock and kept my finger buried in my hole. Peering through the cars towards nymphets porn small the crazy russian nymphets last nymphet collections workshop, who's doors were nymphets pics art wide open, I saw Frank and Steve come into sight. My jaw dropped, nice nymphets boys apart from their workboots, they were completely naked! Unconsciously I resumed a slow wank of my nymphets art nude cock, the precum I was producing lubricating my knob and foreskin. I think the details of their naked bodies will be etched in my mind for ever. Frank, who's 6 foot, with long, greasy black hair and a swarthy complexion, was idly playing with a 7 inch, thick, veiny, uncut cock. His compact built body and legs were very hairy and he had a load of black pubic hair. There were much bigger cocks in the magazine, but Frank's was the biggest I'd seen live. Steve, who's around 5ft. 9, looked thin beside Frank, and his white skin highlighted the contrast between their bodies. Although slightly built, Steve's nonude nymphet gallery muscles were defined, he had red hair in a crew-cut, but no body hair except for red sweet nymphets angels pubes, and his long reddish ball bag was also hairless. His 6 inch cut cock, which had a bulbous red knob nymphets portal on top of a very white shaft, wasn't very thick but it stood really stiff, pointing skywards. It also had a pronounced curve into his pale body and I could even see dark blue veins under the white, shiny skin. They walked up to a long low workbench and Steve dropped to his knees and opened his mouth. Frank walked up to him, put nymphets tpg galleries his hands on Steve's shoulders and sank his thick veiny cock into his mouth until Steve's lips were resting on his abundant black pubes. I gasped, realising russian nymphets 14yr that Steve candid nymphets free must have taken some of Frank's cock down his throat, and the easy way it went down meant he must have been doing it for ages. I scrambled perteen nymphets into the front seat to get a better view, my cock was throbbing, and I left a snail's trail of precum across the back of the seat. Steve's cock looked to be as stiff as n n nymphets a poker, he wasn't playing with it as Frank fucked nymphet nude pic his face, he nymphet pix bbs had his hands around Frank's muscled bum, but it kept twitching. From the position they were in I'm sure he was playing with Frank's arsehole. I was pressed against the door, frigging my boy-hole and wanking furiously, I was going to see live what I'd seen in the links nude nymphets porn mag! Frank pulled out of Steve 's mouth his cock glistening with saliva, Steve stood and lay on his stomach flat across the table offering his bum to Frank. I groaned again, this was too much, I was going to see him get bum fucked. Frank pulled Steve's arse cheeks apart and spat at his hole, then he pushed a thumb straight up Steve's hole, causing nymphet sex teen Steve to groan loudly enough for me to hear. I couldn't tell if it was from pain or pleasure. Frank spat again and worked nymphets ls land that saliva in, then he grasped his cock and nude nymphets thai pushed it straight into Steve's bumhole. I could hear tgp list nymphet Steve' s sigh of pleasure even from the car. bd nymphets It extreme little nymphets was too much for me and my cock exploded time and time again, covering the car door with hot, boycum. The next thing I knew I was hot nymphet love lying on the ground, my cock still in my hand shooting the last spurts of cum. The door to the Rover had given way, and was swinging to and fro free teens nymphets as my boycum dripped from pedo nymphet models it onto free nymphets pics the ground. I wasn't hurt, I'd landed on one nymphet cp bbs of the many patches of grass scattered around the yard, I was just dazed and shaken up. I'd just eased my finger out of my hole when I saw two shadows fall across my body; I looked up, Frank and Steve were staring down at me, and, frightened as I was, I noticed that while Frank's cock had softened a little Steve's was still stiff as a poker. It was twitching and the bulbous red knob glistened with precum. I hoped they hadn't seen my finger in my hole. Frank' s face was really stern, but Steve was grinning from ear to ear, his eyes focussed on my cock, which I quickly tried to cover up. "Well, well, well! What have we here?" Frank's voice sounded cruel. "It's young master Mark, trespassing, spying, and messing up my cars." He pointed to my cum dripping off the car door. He yanked the back door open and the porn mag fluttered to the ground. "And reading pornography!" he shouted at me. "Please Mister sexy lolta nymphet Frank, don't tell my Dad." I pleaded. "I'll get into real trouble. I'll do anything you want Sir, anything, but please don't miniskirt nymphets photos tell my Dad."They put their heads together and had a whispered conversation while I sat up straight and covered my cock and balls with my hands. End of part one. Any constructive comments to Paul at INSILVA92aol.comCopyright
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